The Venator Series

The Venator Series by Joe Mikolay

West Chatham was a quiet town, sleepily wrapped up in its suburban comforts. It was a place where everyone knew that every day would play out to the same familiar melody, and every night would shroud them in tranquil silence. It was a simple town, with simple people living simple lives – or so it seemed from the outside looking in.

Until the day came when dozens of mauled and devoured carcasses were revealed by the unblinking light of the sun. And the night came when concealed horrors lurked, piercing the shrouded silence with bestial howls. For once The Pack claims a territory as its own, the feeding frenzy begins.

The first two books in a series about werewolves and, of course, eventually vampires. Leave the lights on; it is a good read. Available also on Kindle.

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