Laurence Rasti, “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran”

Laurence Rasti, “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran”, 2018, Edition patrick Frey, Bilingual Edition

While most Western nations now officially accept homosexuality, in Iran it is still punishable by death. The only options for a homosexual in Iran are to choose transsexuality, which is tolerated by law, or to flee. The subjects this elegant hardcover photo book by Iranian photographer Laurence Rasti, born in 1990 in Geneva,  live in the small Turkish town of Denizli, where hundreds of gay Iranians are waiting to move to a tolerant country.

Rasti explores concepts of beauty, identity and gender in her spare and evocative images set in landscapes, mundane settings and street scenes, creating a new language of camouflage and discretion. Underlining the contrast between conspicuousness and obscurity, Rasti’s couples hide behind eye-catching props such as balloons or flowers or are glimpsed behind trees or bushes. She hides her subjects in plain sight, referencing the experience of these individuals who do not exist in Iran.

Laurence Rasti was the Aperture Portfolio Award Finalist and Magnum Photo Award Juror s Pick for 2016. The book is availabe through Amazon.

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