Jody Simpson


Jody Simpson:  Cutlass, Broadswords, Leafblades and Sabres

Most people know Jody Samson as the creator of the “Conan™” swords – he sculpted and assembled the blade and hilt for the “Master’s (Father’s) Sword™.” He created the blade for and assembled the “Atlantean™” sword. Both have become icons in the Conan™ legend, inspiration to swordsmiths everywhere, and symbols to many of the epitome of swords and sword making.

“The Best there is…” -Terry English (armorer for ‘Excalibur’ and’ The Messenger’)

“A Jody Samson sword commands instant respect. It is all made to order, totally custom, all hand made to precision. You’ve heard the old saying ‘The sword seemed to come alive in his hand’?” -John Steven Soet, Inside Karate, July 1998

“Jody is a sculptor, an artist, a man who expresses himself in steel in much the same way as a painter does on his canvas and as a musician does with his instrument.” -C. Flambourari, K.G.H.M., La Passionades Couteux

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