Eloi Biosca, “Córrer 2”


Eloi Biosca, “Córrer 2 (Running 2)”, 2014, Running Time 3:18 Minutes

“He was mastered by the sheer surging of life, the tidal wave of being, the perfect joy of each separate muscle, joint, and sinew in that it was everything that was not death, that it was aglow and rampant, expressing itself in movement, flying exultantly under the stars.     —Jack London, The Call of the Wild

In Eloi Biosca’s slow-motion film “Córrer 2”,  a naked athlete appears running along a pathway. This video is a celebration of the beauty of the male nude body as it runs in absolute freedom, in a natural and wild environment. The body movements are a powerful stimulus for the spectator to experience aesthetic pleasure and sensuality.

The film was first screened at the First Festival Cindeporte of Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2014. Since then, it has been shown in multiple festivals throughout the world, including those in Spain, Germany, Norway and Peru.

Note: Other films produced by Eloi Biosca can be found on Vimeo.


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