David Harber

Landscape Sculptures by David Harber

Since 1992, David Harber’s custom-built sundials, sculptures and water features have worked their magic on fine homes and gardens around the world. Designed and built in Oxfordshire in the shadow of a Bronze Age hill fort, each piece stands as an original work of art, created either as a one-off response to a unique creative brief or as a personalised edition of a classic David Harber design.

As the direct descendant of one of Elizabethan England’s best-known dialists, Harber is inspired by the elemental interaction of light, landscape and water, and uses contemporary three-dimensional design to celebrate unpredictability, illusion and the recurring patterns of passing time. Using materials such as brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and stone, he creates every piece not only for the individual who commissions it, but also as a gift to succeeding generations.


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