Claudio Bravo Camus


Claudio Bravo Camus: Six Paintings

Born in 1936, Claudio Bravo was, until his death in 2011, arguably the most prestigious Chilean painter of his time. A hyperrealist who was heavily influenced by Renaissance and Baroque artists, Bravo is best known for his portraits, still-life paintings, and his series of tied packages. His artwork also included drawings, lithographs, engravings and small sculpture.

After gaining international recognition as a successful society portraitist in Madrid, Bravo moved to New York for a short period in which he held multiple exhibitions. After eleven years in Madrid, Bravo moved to Morocco, where he created two magnificent homes filled with fine art, furniture and objects. Both homes stimulated him creatively and, on occasion, became the theatrical setting for his paintings.

Bravo spent the last 30 years of his life living and working in Morocco, which was to heavily influence his later work.



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