Hirodhi Fuji

Hirodhi Fuji, “Scrat” and “Pokemon- Mew”, From the series “Conglomerate of Toys”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda

Born in 1960 in Kagoshima, Japan, Hirodhi Fuji graduated with a BA in 1983 and a MA in 1985, both from the Kyoto City University of Arts. He joined the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in 1986 and lived in Papua New Guinea for two years, teaching at the National Arts School.

Fuji established his artistic concept as “ways of transforming existences that are not valued by society into special existences.” Since returning to Japan, he has continued his creative work with local resources through materials acquired on the spot, technology, and collaborative relationships with people for community-based art projects.

Fuji established his “Kaekko Project” which offers a space for children to trade toys with each other, and for creating new pieces based on the collected toys.

The artist’s site: http://geco.jp

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