Randal Meyers

Randal Meyers, “Bedizened”, 2019

Born in 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah Randal Meyers designed windows for Bergdorf Goodman while completing a degree in Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in 1983.  He has designed women’s fashion for numerous fashion houses in New York, Paris and Tokyo, creating new ideas based on fashion styles of master designers, such as Sonia Delaunay and Madame Grès.

In 1996, Meyers studied Art at the University of Utah. During that year he produced a large body of art dealing with the Mormon religion, their secrecy, and their attitude toward homosexuals. After graduate studies at CalArts in Valencia, California, his work continued to grow in concept, encompassing digital techniques, studies of Foucault social theories, and multi-media installations.

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