Bill Rutherford

Bill Rutherfoord, “Machine”, 2005, Oil on Linen, 195.6 x 157.5 cm, Private Collection

Bill Rutherfoord was born in New York City in 1950, spending most of his childhood in Mt. Kisco, NY. After earning a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and an MFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he first exhibited at New Math Gallery, NYC in 1984, and over the years has been included in gallery and traveling exhibitions alongside artists such as William Eggleston, Robert Colescott, William Christenberry, and Douglas Bourgeois. Rutherfoord’s work is represented in numerous public and private collections throughout the country, including the Taubman Museum of Art.

Mike Fudge

Mike Fudge, “Kuba Dunny”, Dark Version, New Release by KidRobot

“I think of Kuba as a sculpted figure created by a member of this imaginary tribe”, says Fudge of his totemically styled Dunnydecoration. Noting that the piece’s title “comes from the human-like bear characters I often name Kub”, Fudge explains that the “story of Kuba relays that the figure has been uncovered in ancient sites all over the world, suggesting there is a connection and contact [between these cultures] that we knew nothing of previously”. And if “all these cultures had previous contact amongst each other”, the artist ponders of his piece’s fictional backstory, “then maybe there is something we have yet to find out about their ability to communicate or travel”.

As a potential answer to his own hypothetical question, Fudge muses that maybe “it was Kuba who allowed these ancients to transcend the laws of the universe and spread what seemed like impossible knowledge to every corner of the earth”. But the powers accredited to Kuba don’t end there, according to its creator. The “dark version of Kuba“, which is limited to 1300 pieces worldwide, “can bring upon its owner the ability to see into the future and peer into the past”, says the artist.

Permafrost’s 100 Series Wooden Racer

Permafrost’s 100 Series Wooden Racer

Permafrost is a Norwegian industrial design studio working in many fields: furniture, computer design, lighting, industrial and interior design, and marketing. The studio was formed by four Norwegian industrial designers: Andreas Murray (b: 1975), Eivind Halseth (b: 1972), Oskar Johansen (b: 1974) and Tore Vinje Brustad (b: 1976). They  all graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 1999 and set up Permafrost in 2000.

Hiroshi Fuji


Hiroshi Fuji’s, “Toysaurus”

Japanese artist Jiroshi Fuji’s art revolves around “ways of transforming existences that are not valued by society into special existences.” One of the ways he does this is by using recycled materials in his art and inviting others—kids, artists, the public in general—to participate in its creation. He started a toy exchange system called “Kaekko” 13 years ago with over 5000 events having taken place in over 1000 locations across Japan and other countries as well.

Fuji brought together over 50,000 toys collected over the years in the “Kaekko” project and created an installation that included works such as this “Toysaurus” made from the recycled toys.

Rich Stadler

Rich Stadler, BILLETSPIN Tops

BILLETSPIN spinning tops are precision crafted and custom designed by Rich Stadler, an engineer with over 25 years of experience. BILLETSPIN started in April of 2015; the tops are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin. The company is considered the most iconic custom spinning top company in the world, creating unique sophisticated designs that perform on the highest level.

Each BILLETSPIN top is machined from premium materials such as steel, bronze, copper and exotic materials like damascus, super conductor and mokume. Each top design goes through rigorous research and design stages before finally being machined by state-of-the-art CNC machines.

With dozens of unique designs, BILLETSPIN tops range from simple 1-piece models to more intricate 3-piece and higher. The tops are forged together and meticulously tested and inspected by hand for optimal performance and balance. All BILLETSPIN tops utilize high-quality ceramic or ruby ball bearings which allow for spin times of up to 20 minutes and higher.