Elia Tomás

Elia Tomás, Title Unknown

Elia Tomás is an incredibly talented artist based in Madrid.  His first memories of art stemmed from his uncle who painted landscapes devoid of a human element yet full of personality.   After years of carrying his uncle’s artistic influence through a different path including a psychology degree, he moved to Madrid and embarked on his own artistic journey.

Unlike his uncle, Elia’s gaze is directed towards a human element and he uses the portrait as a means to develop a narrative of the individual. Real life people end up becoming fragments where he explores vulnerability.  Hence the election of the main characters of his work: men, children and teenagers in a continuous redefinition process. They either look back in time searching for parts of themselves that remain incomplete or live with such an intimate intensity a moment of solitude. They struggle to assert themselves and sometimes to compare to others. They often feel they are victims of certain hormonal euphoria and some degree of disappointment.

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