Arrow Tattoos

Tattoos on Guys: Arrows

Rudra (Sanskrit: रुद्र) is a Rigvedic Deity, associated with wind or storm, and the hunt. The name has been translated as “The Roarer”. In the Rigveda, Rudra has been praised as the “mightiest of the mighty”. The Shri Rudram hymn from the Yajurveda is dedicated to Rudra, and is important in the Saivism sect. In RigVeda 7.46, Rudra is described as armed with a bow and fast-flying arrows. As quoted by R. G. Bhandarkar, the hymn says Rudra discharges “brilliant shafts which run about the heaven and the earth” (RigVeda 7.46.3), which may be a reference to the destructive power of lightning. The arrow as a symbol is used to signify Rudra.

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